Zodiac Enterprises LLC
1112 Industrial Blvd
Caldwell, TX 77836

Phone: (979) 567-6931
    Fax: (979) 567-6973


Zodiac Enterprises


The strategic location in Caldwell, Texas, was chosen because of its proximity to the petroleum refineries located in the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast area.  The short distance from these refineries will minimize the spent catalyst shipping costs for customers and reduce their overall cycle time associated with the spent catalyst reclamation.  Zodiac was constructed from a green field thereby assuring no previous environmental history.  Customer visits by refinery technical representatives can easily be accomplished in a day trip.  Independent contract representation is also conveniently available from the Houston metropolitan area.  

Zodiac has 40 plus years experience in recovering platinum, palladium, rhenium and gold from spent petroleum reforming, isomerization and chemical catalyst.  Our clients include petroleum refining and petrochemical plants from all over the world.

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