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Caldwell, TX 77836

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Our Facility

     The current configuration of the facility which sits on a one hundred (100) plus acre site has over five (5) acres of paved area for staging of delivery vehicles.  Zodiac participated with the City of Caldwell and the County of Burleson in securing a grant from the Texas Capital Fund Program for increasing the natural gas supply and making the improvements to the roads that were needed to support the new facility.  This project represents Phase one of Zodiac’s (Gemini’s) three phase plans for this location.  Our facility is conveniently located an hour from most Gulf Coast Refineries.  Future plans include establishing chemical operations similar to those which exist at Zodiac’s flagship facility known as Gemini Industries Inc. in Santa Ana, CA.




CHWMEG reviewed (2013 FRP) 

 Awarded business of the year by the Burleson County Chamber of commerce in 2010, 2012-2013.

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